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abstract È stato il figlio is a movie starring Toni Servillo, Giselda Volodi, and Alfredo Castro. Palermo in the 1970s. The Ciraulos are modest scrap dealers whose uneventful lives are turned upside down the day their youngest daughter is. Country Italy. 7,1 / 10 Stars. Writed by Massimo Gaudioso, Roberto Alajmo. Duration 1 Hour 33 min

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Summary Bagnoli Jungle is a movie starring Luigi Attrice, Antonio Casagrande, and Marco Grieco. A rascal in his fifties. An 80 plus Italsìder pensioner. And an 18 year old delivery boy. Three generations in the jungle. Around them, a former

Antonio Capuano

writers Antonio Capuano

Runtime 100 Min


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2,6 of 10 star. Alan Mehrez. writed by: Elvis Restaino. countries: USA. brief: Young Anthony comes from a materialistic rich Republican family. One evening, his mystical flatulence-prone grandfather shows him a book about the adventures of Sinbad, a legendary medieval Middle Eastern sailor, explorer and adventurer, who's also their ancestor. Grandpa also show Anthony a magical coin that can remove the boundary between fantasy and reality. They use it to take part in the adventures Sinbad has in the book. However, this causes a Jumanji-like effect, since stuff from the book occasionally comes to life inside of their mansion. Despite being a sailor, Sinbad and his party are this time on mainland, where they meet a funny and strange old sage. At first, Sinbad can't stand him, but the immediacy of their situation brings them together. Bophisto, one of the most powerful and evil wizards of all time, is dying, so he's sent his minions to find the key to all knowledge, which could tell him how to heal himself. They are led by two generals, evil and very eccentric Murki Khan and evil Nimbus, who's killed Sinbad's parents long ago and has now kidnapped the love of his life, the daughter of Princess Shalazar. Sage joins Sinbad and his party to stop them. They find more allies, including a group of ravenous gypsies. Occasionally, Anthony and his granddad must enter the story to help Sinbad or fight whatever materializes in their house. However, Bophisto turns out to be much more of a challenge to Anthony and grandpa than he might seem