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Kelley Sane
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The story follows the adventures of Rita Page, an aspiring showgirl in Las Vegas and his daughter Franchesca completely talentless, in their relentless pursuit of Broadway fame. After a disastrous audition, to everyone's surprise, Franchesca gets the role of an actress acting in a disc magazine poorly organized called "The Lady does it all". Following events claims that are followed during the tests Franchesca and her mother, in the belief that these events are not random, set out in search of the culprit coming to discover that behind the producer of the musical, Veronica (Rossy de Palma) lies a diabolical mind. In fact Veronica intends to become a "flop" the musical, having already in his hands investors' money. The mother and daughter, with the near Melba and the best friend in tow, make sure to thwart Veronica trying to Franchesca become a star. But things do not improve and desperate they decide to join forces with the "primadonna" of the "musical", Envisiona De La Paz, who sees his participation in the show as an opportunity for its revival. The futility of their attempts becomes apparent when the "first", Franchesca conscious of his inability to perform, refusing to go on stage. Mother and daughter are forced to reconsider their relationship, their struggles, their hopes. Rita appears as the one who had always wanted to (and deserved) a career in show business. As the curtain rises Broadway will welcome the new star Rita Page in "The lady does it all"
Kelley Sane

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